Friday, January 4, 2013

I've been promising my daughter, Laura, a quilt for a year now.....I was hoping to have it done by Christmas but didn't quite make it. She will get it real soon though! :) The fun thing about her quilt is she designed it herself? She is very artistic and creative and helped me think outside "the box" I was kind of getting stuck in. I love what she came up with and can't wait to share the final product! Here are a few pictures showing how I get started with the images on my quilts. I start by making a template of the image I want to put on my quilt then proceed from there and voila! :D

I have 8 more blocks to make? I'm pleased with how they are turning out! :) Can't wait to see them all put together. Since I make up the patterns for my quilts, I never know what it's really going to look like until it's made! It's very motivating for me to finish my projects. A surprise in the end! :)

Here's a quilt I made for my sister, Faith, for Christmas. She loves bright cheery colors! she loved it! :)


  1. I'm amazed at how pretty and original your quilts are! It's nice that you have a lot of free time to work on your fun hobby in CO. Watch out, as they get to know you better they will see your talents and you will be BUSY (as if teaching Seminary isn't busy :-)

    1. Yes! Seminary keeps me very busy! I'm grateful for it though, otherwise I'd spend all my time quilting rather than studying the scriptures....As I should be doing! haha! I'm grateful I have the time to do what I love! :)