Monday, December 30, 2013

A Lot Has Happened Since that Nativity Quilt! 

Love and Quilting!! :)

First of All, my son got engaged to his sweetheart!  I'm so thrilled!! He picked an awesome girl! We're excited to have her part of our family! :) Today I'm making a quilted Christmas stocking for her.  She'll be here to visit in a few days and of course needs her own stocking! :) I think a Shepherd's wife will be perfect! :)

I've been busy busy busy quilting!! I made a Norwegian quilt for my friend who gave it as a Christmas gift to her in-laws. I'm THRILLED with how it turned out!! Who knew such a cute quilt could be inspired by Norway!! My friend did... then I caught the vision!! :)

I slipped in a few Christmas pillows for my in-laws.  They came for an unexpected visit so I put the other quilts on hold and whipped up a jiffy! :)

They drove this old pickup back and forth between Colorado and Arizona for many many years!! It's a beloved pickup with many many memories.  We now have the privilege of owning it!! Lucky us!! :D

My Mother-in-law is an avid sewer and has taught me a few tricks of the trade!! She helped my husband pick out my first sewing machine! I'm still using it today!! 

My brother-in-law loves fishing and hunting! :) Oops!! I guess the real big one got away! :)

After a small intermission I resumed my quilt making and made this quilt for a good friend of ours. We traveled to Idaho right before Christmas for their wedding.  What a cute couple they are.  We love this family and all of their wonderful children! :)

Christmas has been wonderful! We've loved having our children home!! I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas as well! :)

I was recently invited to attend quilt market in Pittsburgh with my two quilting sisters. I'm very excited!! I will love spending a week with them!! Can't wait! :D