Sherilyn's Top 10 Favorite Things About Sew Kind of Cozy Quilts

10.  They are relatively quick and easy to make.

9.  Larger blocks, fewer seams, less clipping! Yes!!

8.  When you're finished your quilt is finished! You do not have to spend extra time tying, hand quilting, binding or spend extra money to have someone else quilt it for you.

7.   Sewing machine applique with raw edges. No paper required or hours spent hand stitching on images.

6.  Quilts can be personalized for the special people they are intended for.

5. You can exercise your own creativity through block arrangement and mix and matching patterns.

4.  They are really FUN to make. 

3. They are VERY forgiving. Everything "comes out in the wash"... literally! No stress if a mistake is made.... the mistake is usually hidden because of the "ragged" nature of the quilt.

2. They quickly become the favorite "blankie".

1.  They are SOOOOO SOFT, COMFY, and CUDDLY!!   

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