Monday, March 4, 2013


I'm really happy with how my owl quilt turned out! 

This one took me a little more time to finish! My challenge for this particular quilt was the dark blue homespun fabric. I knew if I didn't pre-treat my blocks with a solution of vinegar and salt water I was going to have a real bleeding problem. But....I had success and headed off a catastrophe! Trial and error has taught me a lot! :)

I knew I wanted to include something in the rectangle blocks that would go with owls but I just didn't know what. I asked my husband, "What goes with owls?" He immediately said "books!" He's so brilliant! I loved the idea! I still wanted to include the personal progress values as part of my quilt so I sewed the values on the binding of the books and matched up each value with 8 of my favorite stories! So happy with the outcome! :)

Some of you have expressed an interest in this pattern as well. Yes! I'm very motivated to get patterns and instructions prepared for this quilt. They take a little longer to prepare than I had first anticipated, but bare with me. :) 

Besides quilting, I'm also tackling some fun household projects. I'm not quite as fast as my sister, Jenny, who can completely remodel a basement, create patterns and quilt them up, manage her busy family and have a baby all in a two week period. she is definitely super woman!! :)

Here are a few pics of my latest bookshelf project. Still working on it but it's coming along! 
My husband made them and I painted them. Ugh!! I don't like painting as much as I like quilting!

My darling dog, Maggie, was such a big helper!! NOT!! But gotta love her anyway! :)

And this is the final project! Yay! 


This particular quote has spoke loud and clear to me lately. Some days are just more difficult to do and be good and I'm really feeling the lack of sleep associated with my early morning seminary calling. But, all is well and this quote has inspired me!

The enabling power of the Atonement strengthens us to do and be good and to serve beyond our own individual desire and natural capacity. 

Elder David A. Bednar