Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Book of Mormon Seminary Ornaments, Better Late than Never!!

So my husband thought it a little anti-climatic to give my seminary students Christmas ornaments after Christmas.  I obviously didn't care and gave them to them anyway! :) I told them to hang them in their rooms until next Christmas. I mostly wanted them to know I hadn't forgotten about them!  In my world, January is the month I use to finish all of my unfinished Christmas projects!  At least I finish them! ;)

So, I'm a little bit in love with my owls and could not wait to make another owl quilt.  So I did!! :) I'm actually not finished with it but oh so close!! 

I know I've mentioned in the past (like a long time ago) that I am going to sell my patterns.  Well, I actually am!! I'm just really really slow.  I've been working and re-working and then re-working my instructions so they make sense to everyone else.  Of course they make perfect sense to me but I'm not everyone else!! ;) 
I am almost finished though! Hurrah!! :)  

I Hope everyone is having a happy and peaceful time quilting or doing whatever it is you love to do!! :)