Tuesday, February 19, 2013


A funny story about this little green fella! After posting his picture on my blog a week or so ago and staring at it several times on my blog and on my wall, I kept thinking... "There's something strange about this little guy, but I can't figure out what it is!" Still.... about a week went buy and he was still bugging me. haha! Poor little guy!

Then.... I came across a picture of Voldemort, and thought, "Wow, that is so strange, he reminds me of my little green owl! Weird!!! Why!?!!" 

Then, all of a sudden it hit me! "They're both missing their nose!!!" haha! Couldn't quit laughing. It took Voldemort to clue me in! 

He is now complete!! :) And, no longer bugging me!! Ha!

Made two more owls yesterday and I have one more to go. These take a little bit of time but are really fun and I love having fun with the eyes to change their moods!! 

Well, I've been working on my Wild West Patterns and Instructions. I knew it would require a bit of effort but didn't realize how much really goes into preparing patterns and instructions. I have a better appreciation for my sisters and their patterns/instructions! 

It took some mad photo shop skills (thanks Spencer at Cougar Creations) and my daughter's mad print skills, but we did it and came up with this. :) Yes, one step closer! 

So hopefully, those who desire, will be able to turn this ^ into this. :D

--------GEM OF THE DAY--------

Since I brought Voldemort into today's post, I thought I might as well stay with a Harry Potter theme. 
Thanks JK Rowling for so many words of wisdom! Did I mention I LOVE HARRY POTTER!! :)


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Just Enough Time!!

Tuesday morning I got up early enough to pack, do my visiting teaching, and make one more owl before leaving for Salt Lake. This one just might be my favorite. I love the colors I chose for this one. Pretty sure he needs to be named "Mr. Grumpy Gills".... courtesy of Finding Nemo! :)

All 5 side by side....It's all in the eyes!! :)

3 More to go!! I'm making this special quilt for a very special young lady named Taylor....who just happens to love owls!! 

I'm at my mothers helping her pack! She loves Salt Lake but is getting very tired of the COLD Winters. She's headed for warmer weather in Mesa Arizona.  Guess I'll be making trips to Mesa to bug her there. She can't get rid of me that easy!! :)


HAHA!!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! :) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Monday, February 11, 2013

Falling in Love with Owls!!

I sure am having fun with these cute little creatures! Who knew owls could be so adorable!!! :) Actually....I knew! ;)

This is "So So Sad Owl". Aww...

This one is "Flirty Owl"

This one is "I'm Bored Owl"! 

And I featured this little guy in my last post and just for fun and because he's so cute he deserves another posting! Not sure what to name this one.... maybe "Surprise" or "Whooo Me Owl"?

And here are all four together. 

I have four more to go... four more colors.... four more moods! :) Going to help my mother this week so those four owls will have to wait til next week.  Stay tuned to meet the other four! :)

I am very happy and satisfied with my second attempt of my Wild West Quilt. Here it is sewn, washed and trimmed up! Yes! :)

I dedicate this one to my daughter, Laura, who I'm pretty sure actually agrees with this! haha!

She's the other goofy one in green! :)


Happiness comes when we stop complaining about the troubles we have and start thanking God for the troubles we don't have!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

OWL LOVE!! <3 <3 <3  :o)

I mentioned, just yesterday, that I had plans for an owl quilt... Well, today I was so excited about it I couldn't hardly focus on anything else. I had to make at least one block just to see if the vision of my owl was going to manifest itself correctly onto my quilt. It did just that!! Yay!!! :o) The rest are all going to be just a little different. Stay tuned to see the whole quilt come together!! 

Well, I was so disappointed with how my first Wild West Quilt turned out I HAD to make it again! That's just how I am. I do the same thing when I'm cooking or baking, I throw it away and start over if I'm not satisfied. I guess it's the perfectionist in me. Not sure if it' a good thing or bad thing.... it just is what it is. 

Well, I didn't throw my first Wild West quilt away....it will definitely be put to good use. A great car and picnic blanket! On my first attempt I experimented with using different material and pre-shrinking it thinking it would work. NOPE! FAIL! That's okay....that's how we learn. Especially me, I'm usually all about trial and error. My second attempt, I used all homespun and used a dark brown for the animals. I liked the black fabric on my first quilt just fine but thought the dark brown would go well with the other material I chose for this one. I haven't washed and dried it yet but I have high hopes that I will be a lot happier with my second attempt. I almost have the pattern/instructions ready for a trial run for my sis-in-law then will make it available for anyone who is interested. And will for sure work on this dang cute owl quilt pattern! :o)


Just because your life doesn't always go the way you expected or had planned, doesn't mean your life is going the way it's supposed to. 

Love the life you live! 


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Yes, today is my mom's birthday, Ronald Reagan's birthday and a great nephew was also born today. Feb. 6th is a great day!! :) So in honor of of my mom I'm showing off the quilt I made for her for Christmas 2011.  This quilt expresses her well. Mom loves to quilt too and she is very good at it. Where do you think we got our quilting talent!?! ;) She loves to attend the temple and read scriptures, both of which bring her much peace. There's no bigger BYU fan and as far as eating healthy.... she takes the cake!! ;) She has been, still is, and always will be the best mother ever! The way I like to describe my mother is.... steadfast and immovable! She's a rock!! :)


I'm still working on writing patterns and instructions and getting closer to having them available. I have SOOO many ideas for quilts running through my head, there's hardly enough time!! I'm VERY excited about  my next quilt. If you love owls, you'll love this quilt!! :) I hope to have a sneak preview within the next couple of days. 


Be sure to get enough sleep or you're useless without it. haha! Precious, precious sleep! :-O (yawn)
Early morning seminary is so awesome, but I am feeling a little sleep deprived. Zzzzzzzz........


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blast From The Past!

I made this original quilt about a year ago for my very dear friend, Terri C.  There is no kinder person or better mother...EVER!

I really wanted to personalize this quilt and make it extra special just for her. She's known for her amazing cinnamon rolls and so I had to come up with a cinnamon roll that actually looked like one! :) She always seems to do the right thing and is such a good example to everyone around her so therefore the CTR (choose the right) symbol. One of her older daughters nicknamed her "The Mother"...PERFECT!! She loves to attend the temple every chance she gets. She and her family were a part of our lives for 15 glorious years living on the Deseret Ranch in Florida and will always be life long friends... hence the Deseret brand. And, she loves music and has been the music chorister in Primary for many years. She's awesome and the kids lover her! And the flowers.... mostly because I just love flowers! :D

Besides Rag Quilts I've made many "perfectly" ;) pieced quilts as well! I Love pieced quilting and the perfect symmetrical shapes! I especially love the traditional patterns but am quickly becoming a HUGE fan of curves and modern fabrics thanks to Jenny and Helen's influence! :) Quick Curve Rulers Rule!! :)

This is a churn dash quilt top I've had made for about a year now.... just waiting to finish the boarder and  then a trip to one of my sisters to get it quilted!! :)

Can't wait to get this on my bed!! 

Remaking my Wild West Quilt with better fabric and a "perfected" ;) pattern. I will post pictures very very soon and hope to have a pattern ready to go! :)


Words are powerful! 
"We speak things into existence"

I've pondered this thought a lot this past week and believe it is very true! Whether our words are negative or positive.... they affect our lives and can influence our behavior and others behavior around us. 
Keepin it positive!! :)