Tuesday, February 19, 2013


A funny story about this little green fella! After posting his picture on my blog a week or so ago and staring at it several times on my blog and on my wall, I kept thinking... "There's something strange about this little guy, but I can't figure out what it is!" Still.... about a week went buy and he was still bugging me. haha! Poor little guy!

Then.... I came across a picture of Voldemort, and thought, "Wow, that is so strange, he reminds me of my little green owl! Weird!!! Why!?!!" 

Then, all of a sudden it hit me! "They're both missing their nose!!!" haha! Couldn't quit laughing. It took Voldemort to clue me in! 

He is now complete!! :) And, no longer bugging me!! Ha!

Made two more owls yesterday and I have one more to go. These take a little bit of time but are really fun and I love having fun with the eyes to change their moods!! 

Well, I've been working on my Wild West Patterns and Instructions. I knew it would require a bit of effort but didn't realize how much really goes into preparing patterns and instructions. I have a better appreciation for my sisters and their patterns/instructions! 

It took some mad photo shop skills (thanks Spencer at Cougar Creations) and my daughter's mad print skills, but we did it and came up with this. :) Yes, one step closer! 

So hopefully, those who desire, will be able to turn this ^ into this. :D

--------GEM OF THE DAY--------

Since I brought Voldemort into today's post, I thought I might as well stay with a Harry Potter theme. 
Thanks JK Rowling for so many words of wisdom! Did I mention I LOVE HARRY POTTER!! :)



  1. I love your little owl...and I couldn't see what was wrong either. I do love the wildlife piece!!!

    1. Thanks Marjorie!! I'm glad I wasn't the only one who couldn't see what was missing! haha! I just updated this blog post and added pictures of the two owls I made yesterday. :)

  2. That is hilarious! Made me laugh....made Taylor laugh too!

  3. They are so beautyful !!
    Greatings from Germany !

  4. I am loving the owls! I will be anxiously waiting until you have a pattern for this quilt . . . Emma would love it! Oh, and I also really like that quote from Dumbledore. I put it on an inspirational poster for the boys' room.