Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blast From The Past!

I made this original quilt about a year ago for my very dear friend, Terri C.  There is no kinder person or better mother...EVER!

I really wanted to personalize this quilt and make it extra special just for her. She's known for her amazing cinnamon rolls and so I had to come up with a cinnamon roll that actually looked like one! :) She always seems to do the right thing and is such a good example to everyone around her so therefore the CTR (choose the right) symbol. One of her older daughters nicknamed her "The Mother"...PERFECT!! She loves to attend the temple every chance she gets. She and her family were a part of our lives for 15 glorious years living on the Deseret Ranch in Florida and will always be life long friends... hence the Deseret brand. And, she loves music and has been the music chorister in Primary for many years. She's awesome and the kids lover her! And the flowers.... mostly because I just love flowers! :D

Besides Rag Quilts I've made many "perfectly" ;) pieced quilts as well! I Love pieced quilting and the perfect symmetrical shapes! I especially love the traditional patterns but am quickly becoming a HUGE fan of curves and modern fabrics thanks to Jenny and Helen's influence! :) Quick Curve Rulers Rule!! :)

This is a churn dash quilt top I've had made for about a year now.... just waiting to finish the boarder and  then a trip to one of my sisters to get it quilted!! :)

Can't wait to get this on my bed!! 

Remaking my Wild West Quilt with better fabric and a "perfected" ;) pattern. I will post pictures very very soon and hope to have a pattern ready to go! :)


Words are powerful! 
"We speak things into existence"

I've pondered this thought a lot this past week and believe it is very true! Whether our words are negative or positive.... they affect our lives and can influence our behavior and others behavior around us. 
Keepin it positive!! :)


  1. The cinnamon role is awesome! I never saw your finished churn dash it!