Thursday, January 3, 2013

We lived on the Deseret Ranch in Central Florida for 15 Glorious years!!! This pic was taken at Christmas 2011....Our last Christmas while living in Florida. As of May of 2012 we now live in Cedaredge Colorado. Mark got a new Job with a cattle company here and we are really enjoying our lives in CO and being closer to our children who are attending BYU in Provo, UT, and our parents who live in Salt Lake and Mesa, AZ, and our siblings and many many friends who live in nearby states. We do miss our Florida Family though.... like CRAZY!!!
My beautiful first passion!
This picture pretty much sums up our family!

Here are a few examples of my unique style of rage quilting. I've had fun coming up with my own style of rag quilting. I LOVE getting my creative juices flowing and coming up with custom made quilts featuring the personalities and uniqueness of those I make the quilts for. I've made many and will post pictures of them frequently. I've sold many of my quilts and given many away as gifts. I'm excited to share my quilting adventures here on my new blog. This blog will mostly feature my quilting adventures but on occasion I'll throw in the "sew much more" and feature my family, faith and other adventures in my life.

WELCOME and I hope you enjoy your time here!


  1. This might be the new "rage" quilting but what i meant was "rag" quilting! :)

  2. I love your quilts! You have mad skills! Oh, your kids are awesome too!

  3. I liked the "rage" term...I thought it very unique and descriptive! I am so happy you've started a blog! You know where to go if you have any questions or need help with it. It looks great and your quilts are so are so talented!! Love you!