Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sabbath Day Worship/Sabbath Day Blog Post!

Seminary! Here we go! STUDY STUDY STUDY!!

Well this week seminary starts up again. Tuesday is the day! I thought it started tomorrow but luckily I talked to one of the moms today at church who just happened to mention there was no school tomorrow. According to my schedule school started tomorrow so therefore so did seminary. Grateful I talked to her and very grateful to not get up early tomorrow morning, drive to the church in the freezing cold, and find myself the only one there!! :/

Please forgive me for getting religious here on my quilting blog but I did mention there was going to be that "sew much more" part and I would talk about my faith and family and other randomness. :)

This week we are studying in Romans in the New Testament. Paul is such a STUD!! A small little guy with beady little eyes but what a powerful and brave missionary he was with a strong commanding voice! His epistle to the Romans teaches us many great truths. A few of these are:

*The gospel of Jesus Christ makes salvation available to all people.
*When people rebel and reject God, they separate themselves from the Holy Ghost, and God allows them to suffer the full effects of their sins.
*God's judgment is righteous, rewarding each person according to his deeds and his obedience to gospel laws.
*Righteousness requires righteous acts, not just professions of righteousness.
*No one lives the law perfectly. We can only become righteous through faith in Jesus Christ, which will move us to keep His commandments.

I'm very excited to share these important Gospel truths with my amazing seminary students this week! :)

Since I'm getting all religious today I thought I would share some fun quilts that I have given to friends and family who have been sealed for time and all eternity in one of the LDS Temples. These quilts hopefully will remind these newlyweds of the covenants they've made in the the temple, to read their scriptures daily, to always CTR (choose the right), to pray always (D&C 10:5), remember they are a family now and to "cling" to one another (the L for Lovegren...this one was for my niece Kimbra and her hubby Bryan), and to keep their lives balanced by having interests in other positive things and activities (BYU :))

Hope to share more of Laura's quilt tomorrow! :)

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