Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Blog Name

Sew Kind of Cozy

I hope by changing my blog name and address, it doesn't confuse anyone who visits my blog.  
I sure had fun making another "moody-owls" quilt and had even more fun giving it to my soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Dana! :)  She was pretty happy about it.  I hope she gets to cuddle often with it.


I included 6 of her favorite books, 1 of mine - Les Mis and 1 of Jorden's - Star Wars... of course! ;)

Besides quilting I love to knit "granny rags" and crochet scrubby's.  They make the greatest little gifts and work like a charm on those dreaded dirty dishes!  

It may surprise some of you but I actually like to make neat and orderly pieced quilts as well!! I'm making this quilt for Dana and Jorden's wedding.  This is my sister's pattern using the quick curve ruler.  You can find this ruler and other patterns at http://sewkindofwonderful.blogspot.com/

These are the colors I'm using.  Looking forward to a little quilting change of pace.  

Some of my Sew Kind of Cozy Quilt patterns and instructions will be available soon.  Some of you have been inquiring about them.  

Life is good.  Just busy with early morning seminary, wedding plans and quilting.  I sure can't complain....well......I will complain a little about this
I thought we were going to get away with just a little snow in the valleys this year but I guess not.  It's kind of pretty to look at.....from inside my cozy warm home!! Maggie is not a huge fan either!!

Happy Quilting!! :D


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