Sunday, January 27, 2013

Boys Love Quilts Too!!!

A few of my new followers expressed an interest in some patterns for a boy quilt! Well.... I have them!! I actually have made many more quilts than what I have posted so far. I will post pictures of my other quilts frequently and promise to get my patterns and instructions ready to share with everyone! :)

I've made several of these baby quilts for friends and family. They are ALL boy and my favorite feature....SOOOO cuddily! :) They often times become "the favorite" blankie! :)

This one was for my friends who are big BYU fans so of course they had to have a BYU Sports blanket. I made this in a hurry and hadn't come up with a great soccer ball but as you'll see in the next two picture. I have come up with a GREAT soccer ball! :)

This is a great generic boy baby quilt to make ahead of time to have ready to give as a gift at the last minute if need be! See... told you I came up with a great soccer ball! :)

This one was for my friends grandson who LOVES the Gators! Go Gators!! 

And OF COURSE sports quilts are for girls too!! :)

Made this for my good friend Danielle who kids were in sports and cheer leading and has been involved with city and school sports for years. ALL the youth love this woman! 

And then finally.... what little boy doesn't LOVE tractors, and cowboy stuff! I made this for a friend who lived on the Deseret Ranch with us in Florida. This is the Deseret brand. 

So there you have it!! Lots of quilts screaming BOY! :) and SO SO CUDDILY!

I try to take a break on Sundays from sewing but will be right back at it tomorrow to try and finish up those nativity stockings. Can't wait to see how they turn out. I will for sure post more pictures of them! 

So usually on Sunday I like to post a "Sew much more" post on my blog. This usually has to do with my faith or family or anything else happening in my life.

The theme for our Sacrament meeting today at church was "I am a Child of God". One of the speakers in church today had a greatt thought regarding our spiritual genealogy. She gave credit for this thought to John Bytheway (a guy who is well known in our church and who I dated in college "by the way" haha,) Anyway, she went on to talk about our earthly genealogy which, if traced back, we end up with many many individuals linking us back to Adam. Yes, this wasn't anything new. But the thought that struck me as Wow and Awesome ...was when she said our genealogy of our spirit is just one step. Us and our Heavenly Father. Of course I knew this but had never heard it explained in this way. Just another reminder that we truly our children of our Heavenly Father.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of these quilts. I'm looking forward to a week full of teaching seminary, quilting, and getting patterns and instructions ready for beautiful and talented quilters consumption! ;)



  1. Thanks for sharing the photos - I love plaid for little boys....

  2. Love all your quilts! Do you use only homespun for your rag quilts? Thanks, looking forward to read more on your blog.
    Have a good day !

    1. hi Claudia. Thanks! Yes, I mostly use homespun. I really like the results and am very satisfied with my quilts when I use all homespun. I've found that homespun shrinks up the best, and "rags" the best. I've used 100% cotton when I don't have just the right color of homespun. It works ok but after its washed and dried it kind of bunches around the stitching and doesn't lay as flat as the homespun. I've even tried pre-shrinking the cotton to see if that would help and it only made it worse! Learned that lesson the hard way. haha. It does make it a little challenging because the color I need isn't as readily available in the homespun as it is in the regular cotton prints. But, I have built up quite a stash of homespuns which does help. I will use small pieces of non homespun fabric if I need to. The "bunching" isn't as noticeable.